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        Walmate (Dongguan) Thermal System Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in electronic cooling product design and manufacturing. Based on a deep knowledge of the thermal industry, we have been the key position of guiding clients’ products in the thermal solution. Our market target is electronic equipment manufacturers and electric vehicles. The main business is the design of heat sinks and cooling system. Walmate is one of the few professional suppliers with fluid simulation abilities. Our production line has the comprehensive abilities of manufacturing and assembling middle and high-end heat sinks at the same time. Therefore, we have won a high reputation from the clients of famous brands from local and abroad by our professional research and development team, comprehensive solution and stable quality. 

        Walmate has really integrated the two main points of design and supply chain management and got a competitive position in the industry. Our main equipments covered cutting and grooving machines, CNC machines, cross cutting machines, friction stir welding machines, reflow ovens, CMT welding and heat pipe resistance test equipments and so on. We are surely in a position to have the whole process flow from raw materials to finished products. Ranging from high precision extruded heat sinks, boned-fin heat sinks, soldering heat sinks, swaged heat sinks, liquid cooling plate to liquid cold test system. Walmate is capable of both standard and customized cooling products. To achieve the rigorous measurement of the products, we have introduced a lot of advanced equipments such as projectors, pull-out force testers , measurement platforms, CMM and salt-spray tester to provide high quality testing methods. To get more and more clients’ support, our factory was ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 certificated. 
       Our solutions and products have been penetrated deeply into PCB, power converter, inverter, industrial control, communication base stations, power amplifier, video playback, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, electric cars and other fields, as the core control unit and stable job offer. For more details, please feel free to contact us.  


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